Distinguishing your product in consumers’ minds is critical to your success. Reinforcing your brand’s image and reputation in the apparel industry requires attention to every product detail. Trimming is no exception. What more memorable way to leave your mark than with distinctive, superbly crafted trim products!

At Global Trim, we offer garment manufacturers around the world truly superior quality on a full spectrum of innovative trimming products, backed by the most comprehensive service and support in the apparel industry. Why? Because your products and your customers deserve the best.


Global Trim is dedicated to providing our customers with unsurpassed customer service and the highest quality products found within the industry. Regardless of changing industry trends, this is Global Trim’s commitment to its investors and customers.


At Global Trim, we’re committed to preserving our environment for the world’s many generations to come. Being a member of the world community, we believe it’s our responsibility to offer our customers eco-friendly products including recycled and recyclable papers, strings, metals, and both woven and printed material options.